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This Message Board is run by and for the members of the Merseyside Branch of NARPO.

Once registered and validated, the Message Board allows every member to communicate with every other registered and validated member of the Branch in any or all of three ways:-

1. By posting a message in the appropriate category and forum.

2. By sending a Private Message to an individual.

3. By sending an email to an individual.

Important news/information is sent by email to all registered members.

The Message Board is not restricted in any way as to the topics which may be discussed or advertised and most of the content does not relate to NARPO or to Police related matters. Any member is free to post whatever they wish providing that it does not contravene the Terms of Use, to which everyone must agree before access is granted.

The Message Board has only been in existence since August 2007, and there are already hundreds of members now validated and using it. Members can post items directly to the forums themselves. Technical advice is provided to assist them if required. Currently our Forums cover the following diverse subjects:-


Employment and Opportunities

Events and Reunions

Financial, legal and health advice

Hobbies and Interests

Owners Abroad

Topical Discussions

Personal ads. for items wanted or for sale

Free computer help

As well as all the news from the Secretary and other NARPO matters.

Full technical advice is given both within the Board or by email.

Membership costs -

£16-92p PER ANNUM (Full Member).

£16-92p PER ANNUM (Associate Member).

£10-50p PER ANNUM (Additional fee for full Members of other Branches).

These subscriptions include membership of the Branch with all the other benefits, as well as access to the Message Board.

If you wish to become a member then please contact the Secretary for further information.

Contact Secretary<<<left click.

You can also check out our NEW WEBSITE by clicking on - Merseyside Narpo<<<left click.

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