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Welcome to NARPO ( Merseyside branch )


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Nationally membership is made up of retired police officers from all police forces throughout England, Wales and the Isle of Man, together with their spouses, partners, widows and widowers. From an initial membership of 3000 the Association has grown and now embraces 125 Branches with a total membership of over 76,000. It is the only organisation that exists to protect the rights of police pensioners.

Locally the Merseyside Branch has a membership consisting of over 2800 full members including 7 life members, over 450 widows and 19 additional or associate members.

The range of benefits that membership confers includes:

•Representation by committed people striving to obtain a fair deal for every member.

•Access to information about potential employment opportunities.

•Access to special deals on goods and services, particularly in respect of insurance and travel.

•An opportunity to keep in touch with both former and serving colleagues through the NARPO branch network and locally through the Merseyside Branch Message Board

•Access to help and assistance when facing problems arising from your police service or pension.

If you are a retired Police Officer and would like to become a member of this branch then please click on the following link and click the 'Join Us' button.

Merseyside Narpo

If you are a retired Merseyside Officer and a member of Merseyside Narpo then you will have already been registered. If you require access to this message board then please Email us. Please include your name & address in your email.

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